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New births and the passing of loved ones are two of the most emotional events in our lives.  While the feelings they create couldn't be more different, there is one thing they have in common: chaos.  During these crazy moments people have enough to do without having to worry about what dinner will be.  Let us take care of that.  We can help set up dinner for just a night or two, or for as long as you need.  Just give us a call.  
Solutions for Everday Life
Birth & Bereavement
Gift Certificates
Our gift certificates are the perfect present because EVERYONE eats dinner!  We sell them in any denomination you need and can even mail them to someone if you can't get down to the store to pick it up.  Give someone the gift of great food and a little time back in their day!
Dinner in a Pinch offers more than just dinner for busy people on the go.  Everyone eats dinner, and no matter the situation we can at least give you peace of mind that the meal your order from us will be fresh, hot and made from scratch when you order it.
Please take look below at the different ways we can help make your life a little easier...

Sometimes commuting is nice...riding along, getting caught up on emails, relaxing to some tunes.  And sometimes commuting stinks...late trains, traffic jams and obnoxious people.  But one thing you don't have to deal with is worrying about what's for dinner when you step off that bus or train.  Call us from Newark and your dinner will be ready when you get here - and you'll save 10% on Mondays.

Getting older is a fact of life, and a large percentage of our customers are elderly folks that can no longer cook for themselves and have special dietary needs.  This can lead to meals being a source of unneccessary stress for them and their loved ones that worry about their health.  Because we make everything here we know exactly what each recipe has in it, and can adjust it to a specific person's needs.  We also have customers that order a week's worth of meals at a time so that the stress of what to eat is eliminated.  We offer special discounts for anyone taking advantage of this program.
Catering for Small Events
Having friends and family get together for a party is one of the times that makes a house a home.  Everyone's catching up, having fun, watching the game...don't get left out of the fun by being stuck in the kitchen.  We specialize in small event catering that normally would have you running to the supermarket for a shrimp ring or meat and cheese tray.  Instead of that make your get-together special with a tray of our delicious appetizers. 

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